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Our Team

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Cythina Fredrick

Cynthia, President of the BJB Foundation and founder of the Change Program, is dedicated to its mission while ensuring its growth. With over 30 years of experience in business management, finance, and IT, she brings a diverse skill set to her role. Inspired by her family's legacy of service, Cynthia channels her passion for equity into uplifting marginalized communities. Beyond her foundation work, she cultivates enterprises aimed at societal improvement. A devoted wife and mother, Cynthia embodies the values of social justice and opportunity, echoing her mother Barbara Jean Brown's legacy.

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Program Director

Imon Allen

Imon Allen, our Program Director and CEO of Retreat and Rebuild, is a passionate social work graduate student committed to building healthier communities. Inspired by her grandmother's legacy, Imon focuses on empowering Black women and fostering wellness. Drawing from her personal journey, she brings a deep understanding of marginalized communities' challenges.


Imon's dedication ensures the Barbara Jean Brown Foundation continues to provide equitable opportunities and vital support. Through her tireless efforts, she embodies our organization's values, uplifting and empowering Black women to reach their potential. Her vision aligns perfectly with our mission, inspiring us all to create a brighter, more inclusive future.

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Vice President

Angela Ross-Collins

Angela's lifelong commitment to creating enduring change is evident in her journey from youth volunteer to Chief Operating Officer of Progress House. With extensive experience and over 30 certifications in corrections management, she leads with compassion and foresight. Beyond her family's nonprofit work, Angela volunteers for the Sickle Cell Foundation and maintains her mother's summer program for underserved youth. Despite her busy schedule, she prioritizes family vacations for fun and relaxation.


As Vice President of the BJB Foundation, Angela embodies its values, empowering marginalized communities and championing equity. Inspired by her mother's legacy, she tirelessly pursues the foundation's mission, creating inclusive spaces for all to thrive.

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Creative Director

Jamai Fisher

Jamai Fisher, granddaughter of Barbara Jean Brown, is a dedicated Creative Director with a passion for storytelling. With over 6 years of experience in various creative industries, she excels in crafting visually compelling narratives.


In her role as Creative Director, Jamai aligns her talents with the Barbara Jean Brown Foundation's mission of amplifying marginalized voices through storytelling. Her commitment to using storytelling to inspire empathy, drive positive change, and foster unity reflects our goal of creating a more equitable society where everyone can thrive.

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